Affiliates Program

Are you looking for purpose during this unique time? Want to get involved with helping protect others with face masks and other PPEs? Want to earn some extra income?

Than this just might be the right fit for you. 

When you become an official "Casperite", everything is automated. All inventory and shipping is looked after. All invoicing and tracking and follow-ups are done. Monthly commission pay-outs? Done. Sales reports? Check. There is no set-up cost or monthly costs to join (for now). Your only role is to get it out there. And your return? Well it'll be based, frankly, on how much you 'get it out there'. 

Many of our Casperites post their affiliate link on their social media and emailing/calling their friends and family and are getting results this way. Others are 'pounding the pavement' and connecting with local businesses (vets, hair salons, restaurants, stores, customers, suppliers, schools) and getting further results. It's entirely up to you. There are no minimum orders required. We've already seen orders from 1 to 500,000! They sky is the limit and the demand is there. 

If you are interesting in joining our Casperite Crew, please apply at AFFILIATE APPLICATION FORM. As an wholly independent reseller, you will earn 15% commission on all products on our website automatically whenever anybody purchases on your affiliate link. It's that easy.