About Us

I have been a passionate travel business owner for 25 years and when the fall-out of COVID-19 hit, I had to scramble to reinvent myself and thus, Casper Masks was formed!

Since the Spring of 2020, it's been a very exciting journey of discovery, connection and service. What started as selling one style of designer reusable face masks, has quickly grown into offering various styles, shapes, sizes, material and layers with over 100 unique and fashionable designs. We also now offer disposable level 1, 2, and 3 surgical face masks for children and adults and other PPE equipment including thermometers, gowns, caps, face shields. We have now also become a distributor for medical-grade CN95 mask respirators, that are manufactured in Canada and the USA!

Though the travel industry is my heart and soul, I have a new reason-for-being during this unique time. It feels great to once again have a purpose and a very important purpose indeed.

Whatever your face mask or PPE needs are - whether it's to glam up your wardrobe, fully protect yourself and your family, your business and it's employees, or resell and supply to others, I am dedicated to assist you. And if my website doesn't have the price or the product that you are looking for, please connect with me and I'll do my best to help. I'm just an email, facebook chat, or phone call away. 


Laurie Whiting
Casper Masks
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