Child Face Shield

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Protective mask introduction:
* This facemask adopts high quality PET film, high transparency, double-sided anti-fog, anti-scratch, super acid and alkali resistance;
* the structure of the mask is reasonable, suitable for all kinds of head workers, can directly cover the myopia glasses, convenient work;
* This mask can effectively avoid the infection caused by the spillage of body fluids;
* This face screen is light in weight and ergonomic in design. Soft padding is built in to reduce the pressure of the cap body on the forehead.
*The anti-fog performance of the mask is good, PET protective film can dissipate fog faster than the ordinary film, in addition,it also adds a unique fog nozzle design, which can give you a clear vision at any time;
* The face cover wear solid and reliable, bending, bow will not feel inconvenient;
* the protection area is large, the effect is good, the protection range can reach the whole face, because of its economic benefits, cost-effective features, deeply loved by the majority of users.


Product name
Kid protective mask